Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Constitution Hill

We have done some exciting work:
  • A large panel for Vicente Wolf in New York. I am hoping they will send us photos once the panel is installed . . .

The names of all the women in the first
National Assembly of our Country between 1994 and 1999

fired on tiles 50 X 50 cm each.
The first tests all cracked
Tiles that size to be fired very slowly

The red on-glaze fired accurately to temperature -
it turned brown if fired for too long or slightly too high

Solution - to fire the tiles on a layer of vermiculite

please contact us if you want the full list of names


Clementina van der Walt said...

Well done with the tiles...technically it looks like a huge challenge. What is the size exactly and what clay did you use?
Look forward to seeing the Vicente Wolf panel, and very happy to see your blog going again!

ceramicmatters said...

Hi Tina
I am also excited to see the New York installation. I hope I can keep up with the blog; a lot happening in our lives at the moment . . . and time somehow just slips away before you notice . . .