subject matters

"the house" a shelter for sexually abused children in hillbrow
children bring their own “container” to a soup kitchen
some turn up with buckets,
others with empty bottles,
one little boy with the lid from a spray can
 to buy plastic bowls for the children, ceramic matters
donated bowls sold at a charity auction

7 sept 2010

we were fortunate to stay with friends
on their magnificent farm for a few days

so gentle and serene
the house on the farm
our bedroom and cottage
the bed 'head board' is based on the house gable

Lola the cat - a perfect match

snow on the mountains

view from the hill


28 august 2010

granny called these “family birds”

many live in these huge nests perched high on telephone poles or trees
. . . an apartment block for birds . . . ?!


23 august 2010

few things are as dull as looking at holiday photos if they are not your own

king louis


17 august 2010
my father passed away today
 how dry and bleached this winters day

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