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Established in 1997.                                          (photos of the studio at the bottom of this page)

Anthony and Gerhard studied together at The Johannesburg Art College. Their respective backgrounds in Fine Art, Printmaking and Ceramics, forms a good bases for the designing and manufacturing at Ceramic Matters.

Latest work concerns the representation of our traditions, personal interest, our history and present environment; incorporating the natural and domestic. The work consists of units/modules that embrace a creative idea. The elements work together to enhance or depict.
Exclusive designs for specific projects are often commissioned – i.e.

• Large 5 meter Chandeliers made for a Casino finished in an “old cast iron” finish

OR work done in the

Da Vinci Hotel for International Designer Stephan Falcke giving us “Artistic Licence” to design work within the parameters of his “Black & White, 1960’s, Retro” theme.
• Installation at the New O R Tambo International Airport for SAA Private Lounge.

Apart from the range of decorative ceramics Ceramic Matters also produces corporate and promotional ware:

AWARDS and Work Highlights

1998 • House and Leisure Article on Ceramic Matters.
• Decorex House and Leisure Stand by Ceramic Matters and Hoy p’Loy.
1999 • “National Design” Award sponsored by House and Leisure Magazine and “ Buy Africa”.
• Decorex House and Leisure Stand by Ceramic Matters and Hoy p’Loy.
2000 • Exhibition at Saint Verde Autumn Collection – May 2000.
2000 • Exhibition at Bright House Gallery with” Twiice International”.
2001 • Decorex Elle Décor Stand – SA Design Product.
• November. Absolut Vodka Design for a coaster.
2002 • Corobrik purchased a Ceramic Matters Piece, (to be housed at the Pretoria Art Museum), “African Earth Exhibition”.
• Krysia Back for SA House Decorex - Feature Products.
• Featured in “Bloom” Magazine 04.
• Decorex Plascon Stand - Feature Products.
2003 • Cover of “South” – book by Karen Roos and Annemarie Meintjes.
Conde Nast – Feature article on Ceramic Matters.
• Rooms on View - Conde Nast Stand – Hubert Zandberg Designs.
• National Ceramics No 63 – Feature Article on Ceramic Matters.
• November - “International Design Award” ELLE Decoration.
• Botanical Laboratory Work shown at The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art New York – Saint Verde.
2005 • April - The Conran Shop orders ware for all their shops in London, Tokyo, Paris and New York for the “Viva Africa” exhibition in September 2005.
• July - “The French Connection” – Liberties of London and Saint Verde.
UK Elle Décor – Featured Ceramic Matters.
• UK Elle Décor – Feature Ceramic Matters for “Viva Africa” Exhibition.
• November - House and Leisure – Feature Ceramic Matters.
2006 and 2007.
• Invited to show work on South Africa House – Rooms on View.
“Ceramic Matters cc work best on show” – House and Leisure Magazine.
• Liz Morris editor Conde Nast: “the Ceramic Matters guys exude a passion for their craft plus they are our hottest talents with the coolest attitude”.
• American Designer Geoffrey Bradfield “Ceramic Matters - Products and Decor of the future,”
2007 • Design Indaba. Finalists in the “Most Desirable Object in SA 2007”
• ELLE Deco International Award “Best Ceramic Tabletop and Accessories”. (EDIDA Award)
• ELLE Fashion – feature on Ceramic Matters.
“Designers of the Year” – Judged by Li Edelkoord and VISI Magazine
• June - Designed VISI stand for Rooms on View, showcasing Ceramic Matters work.
• Rooms on View, work featured on Africa House.
• July - Object/Voorwerp Exhibition at Association of Arts Pretoria.
• Decorex ELLE Magazine Stand Featured Designer Wall.
• July - Dorpstraat Gallery, Franschook. Grande Provence Estate. Exhibition with Vernon Swart.
2008 • Judges for “Designer of the Year” – VISI.
• Chosen as one of 12 international Designers by Sir Terence Conran to exhibit work at his Book Launch / Exhibition “Inspirations” at 4 International Stores. London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong.
• October - “Picasso would have been an inspiration to us all and so is your work” – Sir Terence Conran.
• Rooms on View Feature light for Krysia Back Interiors - Plascon Stand.
• Decorex Product Featured on SA DTI Stand.
• Wall Mural for Count and Countess Von Saurma’s wine farm in the Cape.
2009 • Judges for “Designer of the Year” – VISI.
One and Only Hotel – One-Off Pieces for Designer Peter Lu New York
Monarch Hotel Lighting.
• Design Indaba Product featured on South Africa Stand.
• April - Southern Guild Fine Art Show, Johannesburg.
• In-flight SAA Buyers Catalogue Featuring Ceramic Matters products.
• September - Trade Leaders Club, Madrid – International Award for Excellence and Service.
Tokara Wine Estate, Olive Shed Interior – G T Ferreira and Marilynn McDowell.
• October - Featured in coffee table book “Hot Afro” by Craig Fraser. Pages 76, 77, 78, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85.
• Hartmann & Keppler – Guest Artist - Christmas Dinner Exhibit.
Top Billing Magazine October feature on Ceramic Matters and House. Pages 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95 and 96.
• Dossier Fashion Magazine October Feature on Ceramic Matters Pages 191, 192, 913 and 194.
2010 • New Conran Range for March 2010-01-29 – for seven Conran Outlets.
• Feature Wall Installation - HORNER ASSOCIATE ARCHITECTS Pr. Arch (SA) Durban
• October - New O R Tambo Building - SAA first class Ortia Lounge – Ceramic Screen Wall.
• Da Vinci Hotel Sandton. - Wall installations, Lighting and object . . .
Anthropologi USA – New range of Vessels.
• VISI Magazine 50th issue. Vote our ‘inflatable’ Teddy as one of the 50 best International Designs in the past 12 years.
TV, Radio, News Paper and other multi media excluding magazines
2001 • Radio SA Interview regarding Exhibition with” Twiice International” at Bright House.
2002 • Video shown at The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art New York – Saint Verde.
• “Kyk Net” Documentary on Ceramic Matters.
2006 • Top Billing feature on Ceramic Matters based on work at SA House Stand.
• Daily Mail Article on Ceramic Matters – Tattooed and pierced skulls.
• Jennifer Crwys-Williams Interview concerning work on SA House Stand.
• Business Day Wanted – November “Most Wanted Gifts”.
2007 • Designer of the Year Radio Interview RSG Radio.
• TV Documentary “Inside Africa” showing Ceramic Matters studio and environment.
• Business Day Wanted - July 2007.
2008 • Financial Times, London, article on “Inspiration” Exhibition at The Conran Shop.
2009 • Jennifer Crwys-Williams Interview concerning work on Southern Guild stand at Jhb. Fine Art Fair.
• Sundance Channel (USA) and Man Shops Globe host Keith Johnson documentary on SA Craft.
• Sunday Times on Ceramic Matters.
• Business Day Wanted – March - Article on Ceramic Matters.
• Business Day Wanted – May – “Market Related”.
• Business Day Wanted – November – “Most Wanted Gift”.

International Clients:
The Conran Shop – London, Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, Dublin & New York.
Anthropologi – London and USA
Globus Stores – Switzerland
Afrikana Gallery – Australia
Amaridian Gallery – New York
BIG Business Integration Group – Miami USA
Rainbow Gallery – Switzerland
TIHANI Design New York
Via Garibaldi 12 – Genova Italy
O-live – Netherlands

National Clients:

Cape Town:
L’ Orangerie


CC Africa trading as &Beyond
White on White
Welcome Home Range


Cecile and Boyd
Horner Ass Architects
Sengita Trading

Pezula – Plettenbergbay

SOURCE SA – Wilderness
Ceramic Matters "Place Setting... A Spirit Voucher" at Southern Guild

"This year, the Joburg Art Fair organizers decided to include a single design booth. Southern Guild rose to the challenge with a gargantuan gorilla drinks cabinet, the primate's chest flapping open to reveal a gold-leafed interior and champagne glass, a pretty polyhedral plastic table and a large algae-coloured felt lump, growing out of the floor. My favourite, however, had to be the work of the Ceramic Matters boys Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris. This duo of ceramicists is a previous winner of the VISI Design Award, and working on the avant-garde of design means their work straddles the art/design divide rather nicely. Two ceramic tables overflow with ceramic limbs, skulls and piles of sagging breasts, the bone-coloured porcelain both memento moriand decadent table setting. Similar, perhaps, to Gonçalo Mabunda's chairs constructed out of guns over at Henri Vergon's booth, only prettier".