Tuesday, March 15, 2011

nothing has changed re our electricity account

I removed the previous posts about our electricity account, 
because I thought
one should not continue to
“flog a dead horse” forever . . .
(and I believed the accounts crises will be sorted out),
but, alas, not much has happened.

The time and energy to repeatedly have to enquire
and ask for an update on ones account
and to never have a constructive reply
is challenging.

at this time,
we have not received a Statement of account
also not available online
or at through the call centre
we were asked to pay an average
until things are sorted out . . .
and we received another
Reference Number!


Ian Samson's Blog said...

Join the club! I am sure they have not done any work for the past 6 weeks. I am waiting for my FEBRUARY 2011 electricity and water accounts for our body corporate, and each time I go online, the date 2011/01/18 remains the latest available online account. So why do we continue to pay them? Under threat of interest and legal action and disconnection of services, while we can do nothing but wait on their pleasure, while they take home massive salaries for doing absolutely nothing. It's time Johannesburg residents organised and launched more than just a class-action suit against CoJ, but fired the lot. If only we had the numbers to do this.

ceramicmatters said...

Ian, the problem just seems never-ending! Nobody seems to take any responsibility for it at all. We went to a “protest” in Braamfontein a few weeks ago. What a waste of time! The political parties are SO opportunistic. It became all about them; I feel that it should be irrelevant who I vote for; I am paying the city council for a service which I would have expected they would provide. Instead, as you say, we are threatened with disconnection and legal action for something they have not even provided . . .

Clementina van der Walt said...

Any good news yet on this front? Do you still have power?!!

ceramicmatters said...

Hi Clementina. Been summoned to a meeting with the National Consumer Commission in Pretoria on 21st April 2011. We have to submit proof of accounts for 2009, 2010 and 2011. Hold thumbs; the account problems might be resolved . . .