Friday, January 21, 2011

SOS Number Three

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have to give them some credit . . .

We have received a new invoice from the council.

A credit for R 738,948.97 has been passed on the original R 752,575.19 invoice. (This invoice shows a balance of R 748,325.06 less the credit) I am not sure why it is R 13626.22 less than originally charged. They cannot explain it to me . . .

HOWEVER, they are charging "INTEREST on ARREARS"
to the value of R5319.90!
Our January 2011 payment of R 3150.00 has also
not been captured on the invoice.

I am thankful that they are looking at our account, but it takes SO much effort to get then to understand what they are doing; charging interest on a mistake they made in the first place . . .

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