Thursday, January 20, 2011

SOS number Two

Is it legal to invoice someone for something you have not provided?

The next report on our Electricity Account saga. 

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   A question:
1. Why is it the responsibility of the client (me in this instance) to see if there is any progress on an account query with the City Council? Is there no self respect to look into and rectify mistakes, without someone begging them to do so?
2. We certainly did not receive the electricity we are charged for. Is it legal to invoice us for it?
Not only Invoice for a service not provided but then threaten with disconnection and further interest on the account.
Arrogant intimidation . . . ?? Just Asking.

                                          The definition of an Invoice: "An invoice or bill is a commercial document issued  by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities,

It has been 14 working days and I have to phone to see what progress was made.

Monday 17th January 2011

14h30 - First call for the day to the Joburg Accounts Department - “High Call Volumes” I hold till 14h54, but, I have work to do, so leave it till later.

17h30 – Phone again – “High Call Volumes” by 17h43 the phone line disconnects.

19h30 – Phone again – 19h49 someone answers!!
I am informed that:

• Our account is still the same as on 20th December 2010

• Interest will be added to the outstanding amount

• We are listed to be disconnected

• I am also told that the call centre and the “Walk In Offices” are two completely different departments and I should visit one of the offices, if I wanted the account sorted out.
 I believe one should take refreshments
and a book and LOTS of patience
if I intend to brave a visit to one of the offices; 
You see, I don’t have a life or work or anything! lol
Finally I am told that they will request to have the query “escalated” - whatever that means . . .

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