Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Winehouse Funeral Today

sang her songs and
lived her life with an
honesty few would dare
some may differ with choices she made
but the world is that much richer to have
experienced the
genius of her
and her
uncompromising way.
r . i . p . amy
Fan's notes: Amy's grieving fans not only left her notes on paper but also wrote on the footpath to say they love her

on the footpath to say they love her

"Amy Winehouse was the most soulful vocalist Britain had ever seen" - singer George Michael

FILE PHOTO: Amy Winehouse Dies At 27


FetishGhost said...

I feel lucky just to enjoy what she gave us, but I was really looking forward to watching her just keep blooming.

ceramicmatters said...

Hi FetishGhost
Yes. I too am grateful and would have liked more . . .