Friday, December 10, 2010


The decision to make “gifts” for the Christmas Fair
was harder than expected!

~ ceramic paint brushes - ceramic matters ~

Ceramic Matters work is usually designed for:
 • A project/commission – we do research, drawings, consider the architectural space and more . . .
• A concept for a client or store with a specific subject matter – there is a mutual understanding of the objective or idea.

~ ceramic paint brushes - ceramic matters ~

• Own creative motivation - no consideration if someone will accept, appreciate or care for the final piece. It is tough to put oneself/ones work out there, but there would be nothing new if “the new” was not created . . . (there is very little new, only a new presentation of an old thought)
we all communicate a non-verbal language (like body language);
successfully communicating through ones work, is very rewarding
~ platter - ceramic matters ~
Working at the Christmas Fair was harder than expected!

~ cup cake - ceramic matters ~
    Working with the public is not something we know; nor understand. Our stand was at the entrance; interesting to watch people.

• A group would walk in and just wander past without stopping or looking at our stand, or the next, or the next stand . . . why did they pay the entrance fee if they are not participating?
~ cup cake - ceramic matters ~

• Consumers, used to shopping centers where they are besieged with information and products, to the extent of not thinking – they are told what the best seller is! They pay, they go home, they happy. The house looks the same as the one in the brochure, only the TV screen is a little larger . . .
~ cup cake - ceramic matters ~

Casinos are planned so that one is not aware of time; floors are carpeted with distracting patterns; is there a troubling resemblance in our shopping centers? Maybe the fair should be in a center and I should learn the gift of the gab! Not as always been the case, safe from the big world in my studio . . .

games people play


My hat off to shop owners 
who manage to source
 products that are inspiring
and deal with the attitude of the customer

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