Wednesday, October 6, 2010


observe, see, notice, look,

~ large leaf bowl - ceramic matters ~ 

~ large leaf plaque - ceramic matters ~

~ "clove set" - ceramic matters ~

~ ceramic biscuits - ceramic matters ~

apparently a final question on one of those who wants to be a millionaire (silly question)
type programs was
“how many holes in a marie biscuit”?
i bet almost everybody, from a toothless little baby to an old, toothless little grandfather has eaten a marie biscuit.
but would you have won the million dollars?
i would not have . . . i did not see !

~ pattern - new cycas and tree fern leaves in our garden ~


not a talk show fan, but about awareness . . .
this is from angela's blog
ellen degeneres


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Krystan said...

I LOVE that leaf bowl.