Thursday, September 30, 2010

foot print

few historic greek paintings survived the 2500 year old
 civilization; a lot of what we know about
anchient greek art and culture is
from the portrayal on pottery.

considering this, we might/should want to stop for a minute and imagine
what would little ufo men think if they land on earth in 1,000 years from now?
mankind might be extinct – 2012 is around the corner, if you believe the prophets of doom!
will the ceramics they find tell of a civilized society or will they look at it
with total dismay and wonder what an ignorant bunch we were?
ceramic matters - champaign bubble trophy

a trophy is a reward for an achievement;
those who win it cherish the legacy it represents
ceramic matters - red trophy

ceramic matters - trophy

how original or ground-breaking! 
is it about an old thought in an innovative and
different presentation
chinese ceramics

the use of form and shape
ceramics during the ages.

the oldest known ceramics from
japan – 10,000 b.c.
 turkey - 9,000 b.c.


Krystan said...

I like how the handle design and the bubble effect work together. I also really like the amphora. That would be a cool piece to have on my bookcase.

Ceramic Matters said...

Krystan, The Amphora on the post is most likely priceless – it is about 2,600 years old. Pity you are so far, we could have made a plan in the studio with some of our work! (We have a “friends and family” corner)