Monday, September 27, 2010


a question we are often asked in our studio is
“what do you use it for"?
(no doubt we cannot always fault them for asking!)
~ cactus vessel . . . !!! - by ceramic matters~
does it have to have a function?
it might be an inspiration of fantasy or aesthetically pleasing.
~ aloe leaf platter - by ceramic matters~
when invited for lunch, we might take a bottle of wine and
a bunch of flowers.
the typical frantic hunt for a vase somewhere in the depths of a kitchen cupboard makes me wonder;
does anybody have vases they are proud of?
it is always packed out of sight . . .

~ rose thorn pot - by ceramic matters ~
the rose thorn pot
shape based on the root ball, thorns and stem of a plant
you might want to add the flower.
(i'm so not arriving with a whole bunch of flowers)
~sandwiched together like garlic cloves - by ceramic matters ~
if we designed a range of vases with no bottoms
- an independent statement of form and structure in itself -
would it be acceptable?


Linda Starr said...

Ah yes, for contemplation or something beautiful to look at.

Ceramic Matters said...

Hi Linda and Eduardo, Thank you for joining in our conversation. Members,suggestions and comments are always welcome!