Sunday, October 10, 2010

bizarre Q & A - one to ten

fig 1 - cast skull
1. the design indaba, at the end of a long day, smiling
 and answering questions, an interrogation: “who is doing the tattoo drawings for you”? – did she think we have a sweatshop in the back of the studio?!

2. at rooms on view show "is this all the stuff you make? just shows you the sh*t people will spend money on!" - he should see them in the pub!

3. radio interview "so ceramic matters is the designer of the year; just a south african award, is it worth much?" what a dim comment; no response from me, not much better. (studies have shown that public speaking comes a close second to fear of death for some . . i cannot
classify myself quite at number two, but it runs in the single digits) in retrospect, the judge was international design guru li edelkoort and we are very proudly south african! 
fig 2 - drawing
 4. e-mail "i cannot afford the work of famous artist x; can you copy his work for me?" - can you believe . . . next they’ll want it signed . . . !

fig 3 - black engobe
5. our prices have gone up because of the electricity price increase . . .  
" yes, but can you give it to me at the old price?" 
6. e-mail "can you send me (export) free samples stipulated on the list?"
(worth R 20,000!) - free decorating service?!

fig 4 - start engraving
7. order confirmation - dated 15th september 2010 - from large semi-government organisation for delivery 3rd september 2010, with penalty clause for late delivery! time travel? 
fig 5 - engraved skull

8. department store 'invites' us to do ‘exclusive’ work for it. once a confidentiality document is signed, we are presented with the 'new' designs - photos of our work! would we not notice?

fig 6 - engraved skull
9.can you glaze my son’s computer hard drive, so nobody can steal the information on there?” – yes, sure, nobody will have access to it after it was fired to 1120°C. son is a very talented sculptor. can you please model and fire a hand for his school project?” – i'm so not buying the teacher an apple . . . !

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to protect ceramic matters from further contact
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Diana Ferreira said...

Remember Dearie, you are a crafter. You should not charge for your labour, but it is ok to charge me for the raw materials you used ...

Ceramic Matters said...

Very gracious gesture from your client, Diana!! (I guess she/he is a motivational speaker)
One’s self worth could fly straight out the window . . . if you did not see the irony in it.

Krystan said...

People are so funny! But, hey, since I'm here.........can you send ME some free samples? I'll e-mail you a list...........

Ceramic Matters said...

When you make the list, just watch my budget, please Krystan!
(A five year old asking for free samples!) - I read your blog!