Sunday, October 24, 2010


the need to embellish and decorate various aspects of life
has a history as old as man.
the history of tattoos stretches over thousands of years. the tattooed body of a frozen man ‘รถtzi the ice man’ found in a mountain between austria and italy, dates back some 5000 years. 
in japan only royalty were allowed to wear ornate patterned clothing.
the practise to decorate the skin ultimately resulted in the classic japanese
“body suit” tattoo.
a japanese man in traditional loin cloth and a full body tattoo in his own home was considered a well dressed man.

many cultures had tattoos, decorative or symbolic.

~ betty broadbent - circus performer ~

during edwardian times tattoos amongst the upper classes (family crests, etc) was popular until the modern tattoo machine was invented and patented. 

this meant many more could afford tattoos.

(imagine a tattooed aristocrat freaking out if betty walked into a room with her 350 tattoos!)

~ ceramic matters - sketch on green ware ~
interesting, decoration on ceramics has followed a similar path.

~ ceramic matters - sketch complete ~

expensive hand decorated ware and later the invention of transfers to decorate cheaper lines for all to afford.

~ ceramic matters - hand engraving complete ~

the plates are in the kiln, hope to show the fired pieces tomorrow.

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