Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surreal Shop Window

Louis Vuitton and other shop windows were very inspiring when I
was in New York a few months ago. Little did I know that we will be doing work for a shop window in the very near future. . . !

Andrew and Marianne from
Pure Publishing & Design asked us to "translate" their concept for a new shop – the Jeweler, Adara - into a ceramic installation.

~ Salvador Dali Atomica Series ~

Inspiration from the
dictated the contradicting
strong movement,
frozen it time.


Display Themes in the shop are Wedding, Celebration, Engagement and Fashion all had to be incorporated into the display boxes inside the store and the two large shop front windows.

The scale of the pieces in the front window are hugely exaggerated – the Champaign flutes are 40 cm tall.

Celebrate with a bottle of  bubbly; popped with a big animated splash, a tray of large cup cakes, balloons and a tray of glasses tumbling and spilling liquid on the floor.

An exciting challenge to "capture" everything in clay for this glamorous new shop . . .

~ Fabric dipped in slip - the beginning of the "Splash" ~

~ Making the "liquid" spilling out of the glass ~

~ Three of many attempts at making the "Splash" out of the bottle ~

~ Bubbly "Splash" out of the Bottle ~

~ Bubbly "Splash" out of the Bottle ~

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