Saturday, September 11, 2010


Do you recall where you were or what you were doing on a day when something profound happened?

• I remember when John Lennon died. (Despite the fact my parents did not allow us to listen to the Beatles) A student, in my first apartment . . . replacing a broken window in our kitchen.
• I remember we signed the offer on our first house in a car park.
• I remember 9/11. Working in the studio on our farm, glazing pots. My father phoned and said “switch on your TV”. I ran back to the house; in time to see the second plane flying into the building and started to cry; like every other reasonably rational person in this world, my life changed in that instant . . . they robbed me of an innocence and a belief in being human.

I was supposed to be in New York! My cousin grows and exports roses. Together, we planned to go to a Trade Fair; thought it a good idea if Ceramic Matters made the ceramic containers for the roses at the show. I did not have enough time to apply for a visa, and had to cancel the plans to take the USA by storm with our new designs!

We could not contact her in New York. Two women from a farm in South Africa with a container full of roses and nobody knew if they were alive. Finally, a text message “they were out of harm's way”.

Upon their return, they told how:

• En route from the airport to their hotel, roads were closed.
• The taxi could not get them to the hotel and ultimately dropped them at a station
• The trains were not running; they were lost on the street with their suitcases

A small church group passed by and offered help , , ,

• They lived at the church during that week
• Went to Central Park with the church
• Built a memorial of the two buildings with the roses
• And came home . . .

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Tricia said...

Beautiful tribute post to a day that changed all of us.