Friday, June 25, 2010

IV - hotel work

Between the work for the Hotel and 7 Conran Store orders, (that all had to be complete at more or less the same time), I had fun. . . at The Hotel:

• Noticed David Beckham walking around a few times
• Sat next to Cristiano Ronaldo in the dining area
Naomi Camble and the Zimbabwean president stayed there, but I steered clear . . .
• Last minute (Day of the soccer opening) lamps for the Lobby at the Hotel had to be delivered. I rushed into the Lobby, but it felt strange – the site became a second place of work during the last couple of months; usually with builders shouting and grinders going, and me, swinging from scaffolding, but today, all decorated and clean, you could hear a pin drop . . . A group of very well dressed people quietly seated in the lounge area and uniformed men outside the front doors. Suddenly one of the uniformed personnel walked in with a two way radio blasting “3 minutes away . . .” The group of people walked over quietly and formed a guard of honor from the lift doors out of the building. Two long black limousine / 4X4 type vehicles pulled up. Jubilation erupted and a very important looking, uniformed, Head of an African State, and his entourage marched out of the vehicles. I was ‘shooed’ out of sight; up the stairs / out the back door. Once the personage left for reception in the lifts, everybody walked away as if nothing had happened . . . and I wondered where are they all sleeping tonight . . .? 

Photo courtesy “Dook”.

Apologies if you were not able to post comments on the blog. Merely due to lack of skill; it should be working now . . . thanks to my friend T.

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